by Julia Lucille

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Homing was originally released in December of 2012 and has since be rereleased on Punctum Records.


released December 23, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Julia Lucille.
Mastered at Eclectica Studios.



all rights reserved


Julia Lucille Austin, Texas

Julia Lucille's second album “Chthonic” was released April 7th on Keeled Scales, and has been described as “a triumph” (Gold Flake Paint) and “Lucille’s most fully realized work yet” (Austin Monthly). She grew up in Menlo Park, California and graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2010, where she majored in music. She currently lives in Austin, Texas. ... more


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Track Name: Orchards
With these chords
I'm in the orchards
on the hill
in the salty water

With these chords
I have no notions about
what I will do
or who I could be
Track Name: Loyal
Thank God for your father
he let his son show love
you're so kind and wild-eyed
you are so full of trust

And I don't think we will ever be
lovers again
but you're so loyal to me
my old friend

You are loyal as we take a midnight drive
and you are loyal as we walk the railroad tracks
you were loyal as you deeply sympathized
and you were loyal as you held me, held me high

Yea you were always on my side

Your touch leads to a gentle kiss
and your kiss leads to my bed
you do not have to be afraid
my old friend

Cause I am loyal as we take a country drive
and I am loyal as I lay down on your lap
I am loyal as the air is filled with gold
and I am loyal as the red, red sun takes hold

Yea I was always on your side
Track Name: Homing
My love, deeply buried, emerged at night
my love, a tightening secret that floods my mind
with my love walking hallways in such disrepair
but ooh to catch a glimpse of his lonesome stare

Now I see that you are, like me, on the verge of tears
on the verge of something so grand, but will it appear?
like me, your hair is blown back
like me, you're frozen still
your heart's full of longing and your head is full of fear

I wake up in the morning
to the sunlight in my eyes
coming at me like a warning
coming at me like a homing

Oh come my darling hold me
for I have loved you for so long
with you alone I can speak freely
and the meaning comes through clearly

Oh I love this boy forever
he is my sweetest friend
we got an old fashioned passion
we caught the last of it
Track Name: No Questions Asked
I wanna go where nobody knows my name
where nobody's seen my worst mistakes
oh won't you hang me out to dry
oh to start over, no questions asked

your life is a steady pace of skill and grace
and I try not to envy you, but I do
cause I spend all of my time
just trying to get to the starting line

I'm on the bank, the bridge burned down long ago
but I'm still on my knees
singing darlin', darlin' please
can't we just hang this out to dry
can't we just start over, no questions asked
Track Name: California
Out in these hills, under the old oak tree
I can't recall just what was worrying me
the ocean's just below, glittering

I feel more like myself as my skin turns brown
I feel more like myself as my hair turns gold
I sit in silence
it is my bread and butter

One looks for praise in the proportion that one is unsure
She who is sure does not seek approval, she knows

I move into my art and don't know how I came
I move into my art and it's best if I don't know just how I got there
it has started
I am nameless
I am golden
Track Name: Tell Me How it Feels
Won't you go sit on the hill for me
and bring a bottle of wine
and watch the sun go down on the ocean
and tell me how do you feel?
and tell me how does it feel?

Won't you go downtown for a city day
and walk around the crowds
and read all day in cafes
and tell how do you feel?
and tell how does it feel?

And won't you go to the usual place
where everybody knows our names
and talk after the show
to friends you didn't know before
and tell me how you feel?
and tell me how it feels?
Track Name: Validation
Well I worked real hard and I took my time
I put all I could muster on the line
but it was not meant to be
it was not meant to be
now I weep eternally
but it was not meant to be

Now the boy I love's got a tradition
but me myself I just go fishing
and I don't know what I'm fishing for
but Ueland said that that's a fine thing

Well I sure would love some validation
but Remler said don't bother waiting
cause it never comes
it never comes
and when it does
it's not enough
Track Name: Miss Those Parties
From the top of my head
through the reaches of time
I am writing it down
I am speaking my mind
through the black of the night
through the yellow lamplight
the stars they still shine

I went to war for my dreams
and I fought for glory and other unreal things
I fought with all the panic of my feared inadequacies
with pasted over reasoning
and other people's mutterings
and it didn't lead to anything

Well I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry
but I miss those parties
I miss those parties

You know I love you so much
but when push comes to shove
am I just another peg to one-up?
when I reach out my hand
what do you see my friend?
what do you see my friend?

Our love, our love
your words like knives
my love was slain
I can't go to you when you call my name
through the black of the night
through the yellow lamplight
the stars...
Track Name: V. Woolf
I'm thankful I am
I’m thankful I am

but I walk the line
I walk the line

I've got one foot in

I've got one foot out
at all times
at all times

When I was entrenched

When I was entrenched
I did not know

nobody did

someday I might
someday I might

just subtly mention it

The light in their eyes
The light in their eyes

when I crossed the line

began to glaze

but I like to think I
I like to think I

am hurtling towards my alibi
Track Name: Happiness
I believe I will find happiness
each day I get closer
you are my all
we rise and we fall
but you know that well, baby

I'm so afraid they
are closing the gates
maybe I should have gone sooner
but I'm loosening my grip on this thing
my spot in the ring, God help me

What do I need to finally feel free?