by Julia Lucille



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While Julia Lucille may not be an Austin native, her arrival and presence in our city and state has surely inspired her latest musical outing. This sprawling number wears the soul of nights spent cruising down empty highway rods, aided by slide guitar from RF Shannon‘s Luke Dawson. While it opens with the voice and very very light strumming, the song soon takes off to other-worldly heights, soaking it in extra bits of reverb and textural touches that create the song’s depth. Imagine yourself dancing in the arms of your love in some small town tavern, while an unknown chanteuse serenades you; it’s the best bit of music escapism. Look for Julia’s new record, Chthonic, via Keeled Scales on April 7th. --Austin Town Hall



releases April 7, 2017

Recorded and mixed at Dandy Sounds
Produced by Dan Duszynski
Mastered by Carl Saff
Vocals and guitar: Julia Lucille
Guitar: Paul Mitchell
Drums & Bass: Dan Duszynski
Pedal Steel: Luke Dawson
Illustration: Aimee Lusty
Design: Keith Davis Young & Garrett DeRossett



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Julia Lucille Austin, Texas

"I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant."



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Track Name: Eternally
Duck and I'll follow
I long to be eternally yours
Just like my mother
Just like my father
It's what feels good to me

Call but I don't answer
I long to be eternally free
Not like my mother
Not like my father
But what feels good to me

Oh my dear sister
Oh will you run away with me
Oh I'm so hungry
Track Name: Darkening
As I walk
As it's darkening I must go alone
As I walk
As I'm darkening I must go a lone
Track Name: I Don't Think I Can
Oh my darlin' when you told me
That you would be my man
And you said in the next breath
But I don't think I can
Oh my darlin' in the moment
I didn't feel a thing
But in the morning, in the morning
Oh the pain came flooding

And the pain just stops my breathing
And I can't get no air
I am shot down, I am stupid
And I don't have a care
Well if it weren't for my dear mother
I would end it all right here
But then I know she would be crying
And then there'd just be more tears

Darlin' I just can't let it go, I need
You to come break my heart a little more
All that I want is nothing more than for
You to crawl into my bed and