by Julia Lucille

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So much music seems to be informed by the surroundings from which it came, like rock chiselled by the relentless weather it finds itself stuck within. However, unlike rocks, not all musicians are stationary, and so certain artists tend to conjure their songs from elsewhere, selecting small pieces from the places they pass through, or perhaps have never even been to, bringing them all together to make something illusory, far less determined by time and place.

Julia Lucille appears to be one such songwriter. There are certainly glimpses of the Texas she currently calls home; the soft country lilt that fades in and out of focus at varying points across her new record, but there’s something else here too, something more vague, less determined by physical and familial roots.

Which is to say that her new album Chthonic, released on Friday via Keeled Scales but streaming in full for you below, lends itself to imagination and exploration; a hazy, beautiful space between awake and dreams that doesn’t seem to follow the rules and patterns as we otherwise know them to be.

The album title alone alludes to such things: Chthonic, a real word even though it looks so unlike one, and even less so the more you stare at it. While that word’s meaning relates to the underworld, and the spirits found within, Lucille skirts any sense of foreboding and eeriness thanks to a voice that feels far too pure for such places.

Rolling on through nine exquisite and wonderfully affecting tracks, Lucille’s new album is a true triumph, so finely detailed but always feeling both free and far away, ensuring that while you can trace the lines of it you can never get too close, like watching a bird caught in flight, like imagining what the wind might look like if it was something we could see.

Whether it was intended to be such a thing, Chthonic is a record to get lost in; you might not be able to get a full grasp on it but it shouldn’t stop from you trying; and so here it is, and here you are, and we’re very pleased to provide you with the means to do so. Check out this very special album in full right here, and buy a copy for yourself via the link below.
--Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint


released April 7, 2017

Recorded and mixed at Dandy Sounds
Produced by Dan Duszynski
Mastered by Carl Saff
Vocals and guitar: Julia Lucille
Guitar: Paul Mitchell
Drums & Bass: Dan Duszynski
Pedal Steel: Luke Dawson
Illustration: Aimee Lusty
Design: Keith Davis Young & Garrett DeRossett



all rights reserved


Julia Lucille Austin, Texas

Julia Lucille's second album “Chthonic” was released April 7th on Keeled Scales, and has been described as “a triumph” (Gold Flake Paint) and “Lucille’s most fully realized work yet” (Austin Monthly). She grew up in Menlo Park, California and graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2010, where she majored in music. She currently lives in Austin, Texas. ... more


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Track Name: Eternally
Duck and I'll follow
I long to be eternally yours
Just like my mother
Just like my father
It's what feels good to me

Call but I don't answer
I long to be eternally free
Not like my mother
Not like my father
But what feels good to me

Oh my dear sister
Oh will you run away with me
Oh I'm so hungry
Track Name: Darkening
As I walk
As it's darkening I must go alone
As I walk
As I'm darkening I must go alone
Track Name: Plot of Ground
You’re too much for me, I’ll go now
And if you want me I’ll be at the bar
Oh our love, is it gone?

Well I’ll go now, you’ve stopped asking me to stay
You’ve wrestled me down and I’ve spit in your face
Oh our love is it gone?

I know you’ve got a new girl
Guess I should care but I don’t
I just wish that I could sleep
I just wish that I could eat
We are not growing apart
I’ve just lost my broken heart
We used to fuck all the time
Now we just fight out of line

When I broke your heart
I slid down to the floor
When I broke your heart
You bolted the door
Oh our love, is it gone?

You seem determined to squeeze
The last drop of love out of me
If you just beg me enough
I’ll learn to live with what I’ve got
Our house our neighborhood street
Our bed the food that we eat
Our instruments strewn around
Our little shit plot of ground
Now I won’t let you hold my hand
All practicality be damned
I want to sleep in hotels
I want to drive like hell

If I keep on working and I bow my head
Will you take me to where I most want to be led?
Track Name: Ariadne
Well what do you think my darling
You are just like me
What do you think my darling
Well what do you think my darling
You are just like me
What do you think my darling

You get so sad my darling
And I can't pull you from the deep
You get so sad my darling
And nothing I can tell you
Will reach you when you're lonely
But follow where my thread leads
While I sing

I understand your trepidation
I understand your trepidation
I understand your trepidation
I understand
Track Name: I Don't Think I Can
Oh my darlin' when you told me
That you would be my man
And you said in the next breath
But I don't think I can
Oh my darlin' in the moment
I didn't feel a thing
But in the morning, in the morning
Oh the pain came flooding

And the pain just stops my breathing
And I can't get no air
I am shot down, I am stupid
And I don't have a care
Well if it weren't for my dear mother
I would end it all right here
But then I know she would be crying
And then there'd just be more tears

Darlin' I just can't let it go, I need
You to come break my heart a little more
All that I want is nothing more than for
You to crawl into my bed and
Track Name: Finery
Oh your love feels like finery
The way your words shatter over me
And in your arms I'm the deepest sea
And you're the sun laughing over me

What does home, what does marriage mean
And must I follow its speeding train
At our best we embody
Everything that I wanna feel

Just how good must a good day be
To outweigh the malfunctioning
At our worst I'm the darkest sea
And you're the sun that is sinking

How am I
How am I doing?

Not so good, not so good
See notes on back, needs improvement
Track Name: Lie and Wait
What do you think should we take it slow
Or go as fast as my body wants to go
What do you think shall I learn your name
Fore I give you all I long to give
And let you do the same

Well you can play a song and I will sing a harmony
You will cook me dinner and then clear away the plates for me
Wrapped up in your loving arms imperfect as I am
You don't tell me I'm beautiful, you tell me I'm a badass but
I hold back my love
I hold back my love

What do you think was it too much too soon
I felt your mind just leaving when I walked into the room
Now I've got one hand clamped over my mouth
And the other searching in the dark for the fastest way out
So I take a walk and I walk eight miles
And by the end of it I still can't seem to shake off your smile
Ah but my pride's got a hold on me
I just lie and wait and mouth the words what will be will be
Track Name: Beneath the Spring
We've had some fun
We've had some good loving
On to the next thing
My conscience forcibly brings
So many things that I could do
One of them being you
The slow slide into lying
And here come endless apologizing

Don't make a mess of things
My mother warns to me
Don't make a mess of things
I warn to me
I find myself keeping house
Find myself taking the trash out
I find myself resenting you
I give it up myself, it's true

Can a woman love
Can a woman love
Can a woman love
And not lose herself

I hide myself deep in the traffic
I hide myself behind a line of trees
I hide myself deep in the current
I hide myself beneath the spring
Track Name: Let's Climb Up on the Car
Let's climb up on the car
And watch the stars

Oh how I wish I could take your hand
But I don't think I can